Why 600K+ Businesses Use Paychex for Payroll Management in the US.


You may have heard of Paychex before, a $5.2 billion dollar Human Resources and Payroll processing company. Fun fact, Paychex funds 1 in 15 private sector workers and provides payroll to over 600,000 companies in the USA. Small businesses love Paychex because for a small fee, they never have to worry about doing employee payroll, filing their businesses taxes, or any complicated CPA/Administration paperwork. Businesses have two options, do in house payroll or outsource payroll to a provider like Paychex. They do all the work of transferring your current data to an online database that you can view in an instant. Paychex allows business owners to see all the money they are spending, making and the tax costs for every employee.

Currently, Paychex® offers one month of payroll processing free for business owners here.

 Payroll is one of the first things businesses outsource because of the time consuming nature. Most business owners, no matter what sized business, would rather pay a small monthly fee to get their payroll processed by professionals like Paychex, which also guarantees that no penalties will accrue due to payroll errors.


Paychex also offers an online payroll processing service called Paychex Flex. For a small monthly fee, business owners can seamlessly integrate their payroll information online to see data on the go. For a do it yourself method with expert help anytime at your fingertips, Paychex Flex may be the way to do your payroll processing in a modern era.


You run your business, let Paychex manage the payroll logistics. Sign up here.